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Our Services

safety, professionalism, and sustainability are our priorities


Tree Care and Planting

Whether you are growing a new tree or maintaining a mature tree, we use research-based methods to care for and nurture your trees and bring value to your property.  Our tree care services include:

  • expert pruning

  • tree planting and maintenance

  • soil sampling and amending

  • disease diagnosis

  • pest mitigation


Tree Removal

We understand it can be a difficult decision to remove a tree, but sometimes it's the only option.  We remove small and large trees using a variety of techniques including:

  • conventional rigging 

  • GRCS 

  • advanced felling techniques

  • crane removals

  • stump grinding, backfilling, and reseeding

wood chips pile.jpg
wood chips pile.jpg

Forestry Products

We know that trees are a precious resource and we do our best to avoid wasting any part of the tree.  We will  deliver locally-sourced, seasoned firewood by the face cord, up to two cords at a time.  Free woodchips are are also available for delivery in the C-U  area. (Full loads of 5 to 6 yards at a time only.)​

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